Committing to Policy Action for
California’s Decarbonization and Air Quality Goals

The California Hydrogen Leadership Summit explores the policies, programs and incentives needed to accelerate production, use, and storage of hydrogen, which is essential to California’s ability to meet emissions goals and address climate protection, air quality, energy resilience and sustainable economic growth needs.

Join leaders from the energy sector, transportation, industry, academia and representatives from California state government, including legislative and administrative staff responsible for implementing climate change, air quality, energy diversity and conservation policies. 

Engage on Policy Discussions and Gain Insights

  • Why hydrogen is crucial in the fight against climate change
  • How renewable hydrogen can be a pillar in California’s environmental and economic development strategy
  • Ways to deploy hydrogen for California grid reliability and resilience
  • How to establish hydrogen hubs for “hard to decarbonize” industrial clusters
  • Next steps to enable FCEVs to help California meets Its Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) goals
  • Hydrogen’s benefits for environmental justice and disadvantaged communities

A dynamic speaker lineup of policymakers, state agency leaders, and clean energy experts identified the impediments to increased use of renewable hydrogen and related technologies in California today and what policies would remove these barriers to accelerate the commercialization of this crucial energy carrier.

2022 Agenda

Sponsors and Endorsing Organizations

The 2022 California Hydrogen Leadership Summit would not have been possible without the tremendous support, collaboration, and assistance from the following organizations.

The California Hydrogen Leadership Summit is a collaboration between the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) and Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), each with substantial experience advocating for clean hydrogen and organizing clean energy conferences. CHBC is comprised of over 130 organizations involved in the business of hydrogen, united to reduce emissions and dependence on oil by advancing the commercialization of hydrogen in the energy sector. GNA is a leading clean technology consulting firm and the organizer of the Renewable Gas 360 and ACT Expo conferences.